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5-jaar-garantie - Prorace fietsen

Prorace applies a “warranty-through-registration” system.
There are several reasons:

  • To facilitate the warranty process
  • To offer support towards our clients
  • To provide proof of property
  • To link your coordinates to the serial number of your bike. If your bike ever gets stolen, the police and insurance agency will be able to prove your ownership

Read more about our warranty policy.

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 10 MB.
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At Prorace we offer a 5-year warranty on each frame. During this period, we guarantee a frame without material or manufacturing defects. This warranty is personal and limited to the first owner. In case of warranty, please contact your point of purchase and bring along your invoice or ticket. Our 5-year warranty policy is strictly limited to the replacement of the product or the defect part.

What is not covered?

Our warranty doesn’t cover the following, not-limited, list: normal wear, damage due to an accident, falls, theft, neglect, lack of maintenance, incorrect use of the frame…

The incorrect use includes the incorrect assembly of your bike or bike parts due to a non-qualified person. We strongly advise you to only let a professional bicycle mechanic assemble your bike. Moreover, we advise you to periodically visit your Prorace dealer for maintenance to increase your safety and the lifespan of your Prorace.


FLUOseries are somewhat less stable than normal colours. They can be subject to discolouration and fade when long-lasting exposed to UV radiation.

Bikeparts of other manufacturers

The warranty of bike parts other than Prorace (e.g.: wheelsets, groupsets, handlebars…) depends on the warranty applied by the original manufacturer. Please contact the customer service of the manufacturer directly, if any defect occurs.

A crack in the frame? This is how we determine whether it’s warranty or not.

If you notice a crack in the frame or fork we strongly advise you not to ride the bike anymore. Firstly, you should contact your Prorace dealer. Most of the time your Prorace dealer can determine whether we are dealing with a warranty case or not. Lots of cracks in the frame are cosmetic, like a crack or scratch in the paint, which is not harmful for the frame. If the frame itself is cracked, it can endanger the structural integrity of the frame. In case of a construction error, your dealer will start the warranty process and send your frame to Prorace for repair or replacement.
When you are not qualified/eligible for warranty anymore, please don’t ride your bike when you notice a crack in your frame or fork. This way you can avoid serious falls and injuries. Cracks at the fork and around the conical headset can lead to serious falls. Cracks due to falls or accidents are not covered.
In case of doubt, please contact your Prorace dealer.