My ideal frame size

Choose the right frame

Cycling is a technical sport. A proper seating position is of great importance and some attention is needed when deciding your frame-size. Below we will give you some guidelines on how to choose the right frame.

Measure the inseam

In order for you to be able to calculate the correct size, you need to measure your inseam. Pull on your cycling shorts and socks and stand against the wall with your feet slightly apart (10-15cm). Now measure from the crotch normal to the floor. This value is to be multiplied by 0.65

Framesize = inseam * 0.65


Inseam = 75cm
75 cm x 0,65 = 48,75 cm

Round off downwards! The perfect frame-size for this person would be 48cm.

If your theoretic frame-size is in between two available sizes, use following rules:

  • If you are a competitive cyclist or you have a sportive riding-style: choose the smaller option.
  • If you prefer a more relaxed fitting, choose the bigger option.

For sloping frames next rules apply:

  • Sloping size S corresponds with classical fitting 48-52
  • Sloping size M corresponds with classical fitting 52-56
  • Sloping size L corresponds with classical fitting 56-58
  • Sloping size XL corresponds with classical fitting 60-62

The tips above can already give you an indication on the frame size you will be needing.

What’s your frame height?

The frame height is measured form the center of the bottom bracket, along the standing seat tube, until the imaginary intersection point of the top tube and the seat tube. For a “sloping” frame, you need to pull the top tube virtually straight.

Calculate the correct saddle-height

A correct saddle-height is at least as important as the frame-size for a comfortable seating position. To calculate this you also take your inseam as the base. This time multiply it by 0.89. This is as well measured from the middle of the crank axle

saddle-height = inseam x 0,89

What about the steering wheel?

How to decide your stem-size?

Place your elbow against the tip of the saddle, the tip of your middle finger should reach right until the centre of the stem. Stem-sizes can vary from 6 – 13cm of length.

How wide should my steering wheel be?

This depends on the width of your shoulders. A steering wheel that is too narrow will push your shoulder blades and lungs against each other and a too wide one will oppose fluent steering and above that you will experience a stinging pain between your shoulders after a while. This size is measured from the centre of the curves and varies from 38 to 44cm.