EPS Technology: Less carbon, 30% stronger.

EPS Technology is a speciality for which you need an enormous amount of knowledge about filaments composed as these. That’s why there are only three manufacturers who are specialised in this technology.
The EPS system is a technology that allows us to use less carbon than any other system, while it still makes sure that the compression is perfect in every corner of the frame. In the first mould, we make a polyurethane frame. Afterwards, they are wrapped with sheets of prepregs and placed inside the mould. This method makes sure that the amount of used carbon fibres is reduced and that these fibres expand themselves into every corner of the mould. While every other system adds more useless carbon to this process, EPS doesn’t. The result? A light, even stronger and more qualitative frame.

Prorace only uses Mitsubishi and Toray fibres of the best quality. When the mould is heated, a reaction is set where the polyurethane disappears after the carbon fibres have realised the perfect pressure in every corner. This system is called “Ghost Mould Technology”. The inside, as well as the outside of the frame have the same, smooth finishing touch.

This results in a PRORACE frame of extraordinary strength and quality. Every frame’s rigidity is checked thoroughly to make sure that the right laminated carbon structure has been used. The hundredth frame also gets a full EN-test. Where every other carbon-manufacturer only uses 3 different frames, one for every test, PRORACE executes all 3 tests on every frame: the “fatigue” test, the flex test and the impact test. PRORACE demands that after the tests, every frame gets 30% stronger than required.